This is a KIT, it requires Soldering and Assembly

IR-10TR Infrared Receiver and Transmitter

    This kit transmits a 40KHz modulated I-R signal to a distance of 6 to 20’ Place the transmitter on one side of a door way and the receiver on the other side to see if an object passes through. Can be used as a remote switch to turn objects OFF and ON by infrared. The IR receiver will only receive 40KHz modulated infrared light. You can configure the output for normally ON or normally OFF operation. This allows you to use it as a security sensor or as a remote control switch. You can use the receiver to test TV or VCR remote controls. If you want to switch more power see our Triac (TP-1) or Relay RP-1) Power kit.
    SIZE: Transmitter PC Board: 1” x1.6”  Receiver PC Board: 2.1” x 1.35”

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