This is a KIT, it requires Soldering and Assembly

EBTS-10 Touch Switch Kit

    Learn how modern switching technology fits into your projects!
    Do away with noisy mechanical switches that wear out! 
    Lightly put pressure on the EBTS-10  Touch the sensor and the lights come on. Touch the sensor again, and they go off.  Based on the LM555 Timer running in monostable (timing) mode, as well as the CD4518 Dual BCD Up counter (used as a “flip-flop”), this kit includes a Relay Driver Transistor and a DPDT relay whose contacts are rated at 1.5 amps. You can switch a 300 Watt appliance with the EBTS-10. 
    Power Requirement 5 to 15 vDC. 
    PC Board Size 2.25” x 2.75”