This is a KIT SOLDERING and ASSEMBLE is required

This kit contains SURFACE MOUNT parts. Be sure you have the ability to solder these parts.

EBLG-SMD-6 Logic Gate KIT

    Be Sure you can solder SURFACE MOUNT parts before purchaseing this kit. Learn how to use CMOS digital Integrated Circuits in your project! Here’s your chance to do “hands on” experimentation with AND gates, NAND gates, and NOR gates - the basis of digital logic and digital computers! See how different kinds of digital logic gates control signals. Use this kit in conjunction with other ELECTRONIC EDUCATIONAL BLOCK kits. You can build counters, clocks, and other logic circuits just to name a few. Includes 2 transistor current drivers so your project can control larger devices such as relays and/or small motors.
    Power requirement 5vDC. 
    PV Board Size 2.25” x 2.75”