This is a KIT, it requires Soldering and Assembly

This kit contains SURFACE MOUNT parts. Be sure you have the ability to solder these parts.

EBAP-SMD-2 Audio Pre Amplifier Kit


    Be Sure you can solder SURFACE MOUNT parts before purchaseing this kit.Ever wonder how op-amps work? Have you heard the term, but are unsure of how to use them? This kit, based on the LM1458 Dual Op-Amp, fills you in on op-amp basics and provides a working preamp, capable of amplifying microphone-level signals to the point where they can drive a power amp (such as the EBAA-1), Featuring two high-gain stages, each with an adjustable output level. 
    The stages can be connected together to provide one high-gain preamp, or used separately for stereo.
    Power requirement is 5 to 10v DC, 
    PC Board size 2.25" x 2.75"