Rainbowkits.com is a manufacturer of electronic kits for the hobbyist as well as for education. Industry, detectives, and law enforcement use many of our products, our kits are all easy and fun to build. The kits come with very detailed instructions for construction, operation, theory of operation, and testing. Our kits also have detailed PC board layouts that show all the parts in place. Some of our kits are also available completely built and ready to use.  Although Rainbowkits.com major product is electronic kits, we do have a problem, we like FUN STUFF and the FUN STUFF is for little girls and boys even big kids.  FUN STUFF like Kits, Flashing lights, and all sorts of Toys. We have Computer Cables, and Computer Paper. We have a full line of RF, Coaxial and AUDIO connectors. Be sure to check out our LASER Cut Crystals.  So stay tuned to the Rainbowkits.com Web Site, you never know what FUN STUFF you will find.

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  • Do you need an electronic device to finish your product,
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